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TNT Spices

The TNT Spice Journey

TNT Spices was created out of love.
Back in 2015, I owned a staffing agency. I was working around the clock and my biological clock was ticking. And after lots of trying, I finally was pregnant. After being over worked, tired and pushed to the end I had a miscarriage. This was so devastating and after some thought I decided to go back in business for myself. I have always had a passion for cooking. I often cooked at home while in junior high and high school.
My dad struggled with high blood pressure so I was used to cooking with no salt just fresh herbs and spices. As a private chef, my clients would always ask "what spice did you use for our meals?" From that question sparked an idea to create a signature spice line. For me, catering came with freedom, creativity and being able to work at a safe pace. And six weeks, from that same day I got pregnant AGAIN!! The TNT Spice line was created for my unborn child from July 2015. I believe that blessings come in all forms, so today my son, Dylen, is four years old and thriving. All proceeds from the spices support education both now and in the future. 
TNT Spices are salt-free and hand crafted by me. The line includes salt-free blends,  himalayan salt blends and quick and easy grab & go side dishes that eveyone can enjoy. -Chef TNT

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